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Becoming a home owner is one of life’s true milestones.

For a lot of people, their home is the largest asset they own. Getting home insurance seems like just another formality, but in reality there are several things you need to know and understand.

  • Do you have the correct coverage amount for the building?
  • Are your contents properly covered?
  • What types are water damage are really covered by home Insurance in Canada?
  • Does the age of my roof matter?
  • What are my liability exposures (such as a trampoline or pool)?
  • what can I do to help prevent claims?

For the answers to these questions and more, visit our claims preventer tips.
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Tenant Coverage

Think you’re covered under your landlord’s policy for your contents? Think again. If there is a loss in the place you are renting, your landlord’s policy will not respond to cover your belongings. This is why it’s so important to carry adequate tenant insurance. Your policy will also extend to cover liability claims, so if the mailman slips on your sidewalk, you’re covered.

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When it comes to condominium insurance, many owners do not know what kind of coverage they are required to have. Are you responsible for insuring the building? How about the parking lot below? What happens if the building burns down – what are you responsible for as a unit owner? At All City Insurance, we believe in educating, explaining, and giving options & recommendations to our clients, so you understand the product you are purchasing. Instead of focusing on cheap condo insurance that may be lacking in coverage, we search the market for the coverage you need at the best price.

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Course of Construction

Are you building your dream home? Course of Construction Insurance protects for damage that may arise while your home is being built. It also offers protection for materials, fixtures, and equipment that is being used in the construction of the home, and being stored on site. Homes under construction have the same exposure to risks as finished homes and the coverage can vary greatly from company to company. Let All City Insurance find you the best coverage for the best price while you are waiting for completion of your soon-to-be new home.

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Vacation/Foreign Property

Vacation properties (or seasonal homes) are the perfect escape from the day-to-day stresses of life. The last thing you want to worry about is not having adequate insurance coverage on your secondary home, and having your private oasis become another headache. At All City Insurance, we recognize the importance and need to feel protected at any home you own, whether it’s your primary residence, a cabin tucked away by a river in British Columbia, or a condo basked in warmth as your winter escape. Contact one of our experienced Customer Assistance Brokers today, and allow us to give you a vacation home insurance quote!

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Rented Dwelling

Do you need Insurance coverage for an investment property? Or maybe you are overpaying for rental property insurance (also referred to as Landlord Insurance)?

Rental Property insurance is a policy that covers a property owner from financial losses connected with their property that is rented out to tenants. Generally, this policy will cover the building itself, whether it is a house, apartment, condominium, vacation rental, or any other dwelling. There is an option to include the contents within the building, such as appliances, and or permanent fixtures that come as part of the rental unit. As far as contents belonging to the tenant, coverage would be provided under a separate policy called a Tenant’s package, which is the responsibility of the Tenant to arrange.

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Mobile Home

At All City Insurance, we have several markets to place Mobile Homes, to ensure you are getting the best coverage for your manufactured home. We can insure mobile homes of any age, at any location, and at any value. Our knowledgeable Customer Assistance Brokers know just the right questions to ask to ensure you receive all discounts you are eligible for, while maintaining our high standard of coverage to ensure you are covered in case of a loss. Whether you have a comfortable single-wide, or a spacious double-wide, we can help you!

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