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Cheap Insurance in Alberta

The term “cheap insurance” has a negative ring to it for good reason. With cheap insurance, you may not get the coverage you require when an emergency arrises. We’ve created a list of cost-saving tips applicable to Alberta residents, so that you can keep a lower insurance rate, while still getting your perfect coverage.

Tips for a Lower Insurance Rate

  • If your home & auto policies are with the same company, you get multi-line discounts
  • A higher deductible will help you save on your insurance ($1000 deductible instead of $500)
  • If you have your home & auto together at the same company, and have a claim that affects both (ex. hail damage to car & home due to the same storm) the company will charge one deductible
  • Having a sump pump with a back-up system can provide you with additional discounts (sewer backup) with some companies
  • Roof material can give you a discount with some companies (ex. rubber instead of asphalt)

Maximizing Your Discounts

Auto Insurance

  • Advise your insurer of your actual commute (don’t guess)
  • If you have more than one vehicle, look into multi-vehicle discounts
  • Check for driver training discounts for new drivers.

Home Insurance

  • Look at alarm discounts
  • See if you qualify for updated home evaluation discounts
  • Some lines of work are entitled to occupation discounts
  • If you’ve provided your home with update (ex. roof repairs), you may receive discounts or better coverage

Remember, paying in full is cheaper than monthly (3-4% service charge)

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